Terms and Conditions:

Lesson Slots

After the lessons have been purchased/subscribed, our scheduling form link and redeem package code will automatically send to your email, which you can directly schedule your monthly lessons (for monthly lessons subscription) or one term lessons (for one term lessons purchase).

Lessons are held once every week at a regularly scheduled time. For example, if you book your first lesson slot at Saturday 2.30pm - 3pm. This slot will remain same as your rest lessons and we will send you email to confirm your lesson slots. The scheduling form will automatically reserve every Saturday 2.30pm - 3pm for you during your whole lessons' period.

The day & time of the lessons will not be changed week by week. However if the parent/student need change the lessons’ slots permanently due to the completely change in their circumstance, and the teacher also has another available lesson slots by then, the time slots will be exchanged.

Payment & Refund

For monthly lesson subscription: the payment will be paid £80.50 per month automatically, until the 12th month. The starting date is accounted from the moment the subscription process has been completed.

Once the monthly lessons has been subscribed, you agree to commit the lessons for the one year period (total 42 lessons). The monthly payment can not been cancelled until the end of the year (the 12th month).

For one term lessons purchase: one-off payment £322, for the period of approximately 4 months (total 14 lessons).

If the student can not attend the lesson during its agreed time, the fee can not be refunded no matter what reason. However if the teacher has to miss the lesson, the fee will be refunded to the parent/student. Each lesson’s fee is £18.

If the lesson slots have been full when the moment the subscription has been made (although this case is very rare), we will refund you the full payments and help you cancel the subscription. The refund process normally takes 5 - 7 days.


The lessons are held once every week except our centre’s holidays. Our centre’s holidays during 2021 -2022 are:

Christmas holiday:    21st Dec - 3rd Jan      2 weeks

Easter holiday:        4th April - 17th April      2 weeks

Summer holiday:    13th July - 23rd Aug      6 weeks

There are no lessons will be held on the holiday dates above and our centre will remain close during the holiday period.

The holiday pay has already been included in the fees (19% of total fees), no extra amount will be charged.


Our website, Images, Videos and Lessons are the property of Rubato Music Ltd, are protected by copyright law. The unauthorised reproduction or distribution of any our copyrighted work is illegal.

The lessons are intend for the private, authorised use of our registered members/students. Recording or reproduction of our lessons is prohibited.